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Misc Reunions




Jim Hartley, Wally Hale, John Masaki, Phil Stadden, Glen Steinhaus and Steve Lassere


Bob Vaughn, Cathie Wilson-Post, Ron Thomson

Kathy Hale, Helen Smith-Everett, Cleoan McComas, Janet Kimbrell


Mike Shinoda and Rick Adams

Alvin Sasuga and MaryAnn McCusker-Andrews

Barbara Jeffers-Hull, Shirley Myers-Bill, Linda Flagg-Hampton

Nanci Barnard-Walkup, Linda Flagg-Hampton, Mike Shinoda

Cathie Wilson-Post and Ron Thomson

Lorie and Jon Chaykowski

Friends getting to know each other again

Cleoan McComas-Ferm and Nancy Foster-Mortimer

Dancing the night away

Dave and Renae Roberts

Renae and Dave Roberts and Cindy and Steve Lassere

Gary and Esperanza Marquis

Helen Smith-Everett, Cleoan McComas-Ferm and Shirley Myers-Bill

Janis Albright-Lukstein

Janet and Jim Hartley

Don and Kathy Tidmarsh-Alder

Jan Kimbrell and Ron Thomson

Jan Kimbrell, Helen Smith-Everett and Cleoan McComas-Ferm

Jan Kimbrell, Bob Vaughn and Kathy Cassidy

Launa Gayle Lacky-Purdy and Guest

Old friends

Brian and Maryann McCusker-Andrews

Nancy Foster-Mortimer, Kathy Cassidy and Richard Mortimer

Norm and Karen Drey

Patricia and Glen Steinhaus

Phil Hull and Barbara Jeffers-Hull

Chris Sciarrota and Phil Stadden

Phil Stadden and Shirley Myers-Bill

Richard Labate

Richard Mortimer and Nancy Foster-Mortimer

Richard Broos

Richard Mortimer and Al Sasuga

Rick Adams and Dennis Ogren

Jerry Ronan and Tim Griffith

Jerry Ronan and Al Sasuga

Willie Jenkins and Rosemary Galanda-Jenkins

David Schlerf and his guest

Friends meeting

Mike Shinoda and John Osborn

Shirley Myers-Bill

Phil Stadden, Rick Adams, Jon Chaykowski

Phil Hull, Glen Steinhaus, Karen and Norm Drey

Steve and Cindy Lasserre


The group

Kathy Tidmarsh-Alder and Launa Gayle Lacky-Purdy

Tim Griffith and Chris Sciarrota

Wally and Kathy Hale

Checking out the yearbok

John Masaki

Maryann McCusker-Andrews, Kathy Cassidy and John Masaki

Dancing the night away

Kathy Cassidy and Brian Andrews

Checking out the yearbook

John Osborn and Rick Moton


Rick Adams and Nanci Barnard-Walkup

L - R: John Masaki, Linda Flagg-Hampton, Dan Hampton, Phil Stadden, Norm Drey

Nancy Foster-Mortimer and John Masaki

Dennis and Mrs. Ogren, Dona and John Osborn

Janis Albright-Lukstein, Rick Adams, Nanci Barnard-Walkup


Charlene Ajifu (Guest of Mike Shinoda), Jon and Lorie Chaykowski

Coleen Bambrick (Guest of David Schlerf), David Schlerf, Wally Hale

Jerry Ronan

Phil Stadden, Norm and Karen Drey and Jim Hartley

Through the Years

Bob Vaughn having some fun at our 20th reunion

Ron Thomson, Tim Griffith, Chris Sciarrota, Dave and Renae Roberts

Rick Adams, Nanci Barnard-Walkup, Mike Shinoda, Charlene Ajifu